“[This program] has revolutionized our daughter’s look on life. It has not only been the adventure of a lifetime but a spiritual experience which has enhanced our daughter’s appreciation, and awareness of the value and beauty of small things, and the importance of respect and responsibility.“ Alumni Parent

Our Mission

Our mission is to make students leaders, innovators, and advocates. The A+ combination of practical skills and theoretical knowledge is a good catalyst for success for a global leader. Our academic program will prepare our students to pursue studies at University. Our global aspect will provide them the insight and experiences necessary to understand the world around them, making them natural, broad-minded, and mature leaders.

Our Values


We are true to ourselves and our values.  We are open, honest and transparent. We are committed and we stand up for what we believe in. We are clear and we keep our promises.


We respect different people, cultures, opinions, laws and attitudes.  We respect our students and we are passionate about their success. We respect the world we live in and we care about the environment. We respect all suggestions and input, and all will be heard.


We test boundaries and dare to ‘take the road less travelled.’ We add new perspectives, and we have the nerve to be original and to present new ideas. We are innovative and proactive, and want to create something unique and special. We have the courage to be, and believe in, ourselves.