The Tall Ship Sørlandet has sailed all oceans of the world. The ship has the highest possible safety certificates. A double set of crew, including a medical officer, rotate on a regular basis. Regular drills are performed so that all crew members are prepared for all possible scenarios.

The ship meets the highest standards for structural integrity, safety, navigation, communication and life saving equipment as set out by Norwegian Flag State Authorities, has the best rating according to its Class Society and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulations, and has been awarded the highest safety classification by Veritas.

To keep the ship’s incredibly high safety standards, we have a meticulous maintenance program in place, backed by annual inspections and a major survey every five years. In line with Norwegian best practices, the ship has two complete sets of crew who are rotate on and off the ship at regular intervals, ensuring that the 12 professional sailors aboard are always well rested, fit, and ready to put safety first. All maritime officers have extended first aid training, and our onboard medic is prepared to meet student needs at any time of day.