Fees for the 2017/2018 Academic Year

Annual tuition:

Application fee for new students: EUR 150*

Domestic exchange student: NOK 275,000

International students: 53,900 (approx. USD 60,000)

* This is a non-refundable fee required to process a student’s application.

Not included are:



Personal medication

Insurance (500 €)

Travel to/from the School

Pocket money

Laundry expense (approx. €2 per load)

Phone calls (approx. €50 per year)

Meals during field studies (when in port).

SAT exams


The annual tuition fee includes:

Cost of the academic program.

Travel from the initial through to the final port of call.

Food and accommodation while at sea.

Payment schedule for Annual Tuition

Deposit € 5,390 (Domestic NOK 27,500). Due within 14 calendar days of offer acceptance,

First Instalment  € 24,225 (Domestic NOK 123,750) By May 1, 2017

Final Instalment   € 24,225 (Domestic NOK 123750) By August 1,2017

All fees are due on the dates listed above and are non-refundable.

Fees may be paid in NOK, Euro or in US Dollars as converted from the Euro value on the date of the transaction.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is given on the basis of need and academic excellence, and will be awarded after a successful application*. Financial aid is handed out as a reduction in fees carried out in the last payment. Financial aid will be described as a contract and set out conditions connected to meeting academic and personal standards. Financial aid will not exceed 14.000 Euro.

Students who wish to apply for financial aid must fill out this application form (pdf) and write a personal essay in support of their application. The essay should describe a students long-term plans and should describe the value that this program might have for the student’s future plans. They must also submit a filled out application form. Please ask the admissions office for a financial aid application form.

Financial aid is announced within 14 days of acceptance.

*Only international students may qualify for financial aid.


We encourage students to explore these external scholarship opportunities:

Statens Lånekasse

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen) is a government agency that provides financial support to students.

For: Norwegian students on exchange in VG2.

Amount: Approximately 130.000 – 150.000 NOK (Borteboerstipend, Stipend til delvis dekning av skolepenger, utstyrsstipend og reisestipend)

Eligibility: Norwegian students at A+ World Academy qualify for grants from Lånekassen if they fulfil their school’s requirements for exchange.