Money Matters

Students will require spending money to cover meals in port, taken at their discretion. Other costs expenses may include laundry (on board or in port), postage, telephone calls, souvenirs, activities during shore leave and gifts.  Students must have an ATM bank card in order to access funds for their personal expenses.  Money can be deposited by parents at home and withdrawn by the student while in port. However, if you plan on using an ATM card, please be reminded that many ATM machines worldwide will only accept 4 digit PINs.  Be prepared for an alternative in the event that your ATM card is demagnetized, lost, stolen or broken en-route, or that no ATM service is available in a given port.  For this reason, a credit card (amount limited to $1500.00) is also recommended for each student.  This precludes the need to have large amounts of cash on the person.



Securing the correct visas is your own responsibility. You will receive assistance in researching what visas will be required, but we urge you to consult embassies to ensure that you have obtained the correct visa. Note:  Visas will vary from student to student depending on his/her nationality.  When inquiring about visas please explain the nature of the A+ Academy programme, i.e., an educational programme aboard a tall ship, sailing worldwide. Requirements may vary if you clear customs and immigration onboard a ship, so be sure to mention it.

Remember that it can take up to one month to obtain a single visa, therefore, do not leave this important requirement to the end. Always check the window of eligibility for visas, as some may only be obtained not more than 90 days before arrival.  A comprehensive list of Embassies and Consulates worldwide can be found at: For Domestic students, please consult the Norwegian state department:

The School has an established relationship with agencies that may in some cases obtain necessary visas on you behalf. For more information about this service, please contact the Admissions office. We have a specific partnership with a Russian agency to assist us in visa issues for Russian students as well.



Securing the correct vaccinesis your own responsibility. We will assist you with suggested vaccines based on input from a Norwegian vaccination office. We urge you to consult your family doctor, local health clinic or centre for tropical diseases re: protection against diseases that may be contracted in some of the countries listed on our itinerary in order for you toc onfirm the information to you particular situation and medical history.  There may be variations from one student to another depending on medical history, previous vaccinations and the recommendations of your health professional.  Discuss your plan with and follow the directions of your own doctor. We ask that you make your own informed decision.  Please do note that some vaccinations require multiple inoculations, sometimes a few weeks apart, so do not leave this until the last minute.  Medications can be brought on board to be administered by the ship’s medical officer.  All vaccinations should be recorded in an “International Certification of Vaccination” which must be brought with you on board. Please inform A+ World Academy of any changes to your medical status since the submission of your medical report.

When visiting your family doctor (or health clinic) be sure to:

  • Bring a copy of the itinerary and inform him / her that we will spend 3-5 days in each port.
  • Inform him / her that most nights will be spent on board, although, there may be an occasional night spent off the ship (camping/home stay).



Travel, repatriation and health Insurance is a supplementary expense. (approximately 5000 NOK or 500 Euros) It is compulsory and students must be enrolled prior to boarding the vessel in August. Families will be invoiced directly and details re: specific coverage and all related terms and conditions are available from our Norwegian office.

Note that this insurance does NOT include Tuition Reimbursement Insurance and families who would like to sign that as well are encouraged to seek out this in addition.